Tiny White Chihuahua howls
  • 04.08.2022
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When a Tiny White Chihuahua Howls Often a Chihuahua will cry for a variety of reasons. It may be lonely or need attention. It may also be upset, scared, or bored. A behaviorist can help solve these issues. If you suspect your Chihuahua is in pain, it is important to consult with your veterinarian. If you think your dog is in pain, you should first try to eliminate the stimulus. Try putting the dog in a room with no noise or use a white noise machine. Reward the dog if it remains quiet. Otherwise, ignore it. Remember, dogs can't speak, but they do understand the value of food and affection. If your Chihuahua is having trouble breathing, it could be a sign that they are experiencing neurological problems. Some of these problems may be a symptom of a more serious illness, but others are only temporary. It's important to understand the signs of each condition so you can seek veterinary help as soon as possible. Chihuahuas need to be socialized and trained. Though they are smaller than other breeds, they can hold their own with bigger dogs. They make great family pets and can be great friends with children.

Premature Chihuahua Puppy Loves Growling At His Favorite Toy | The Dodo Little But Fierce
  • 03.08.2022
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Premature Chihuahua Puppy Loves Growling At His Favorite Toy If your Premature Chihuahuan puppy loves growling at his favorite toy, he might be nervous or afraid. While it is natural to be nervous around new people and objects, it is important to not overly stress your dog by punishing him. Rather, try to identify what causes the growling, and then work on correcting the problem. One way to correct this problem is to offer an alternative to the current obsession. This can be accomplished by offering treats or a different toy. Dogs typically prefer the novelty of a new toy, so providing a new one will often lead to a change of obsession. You can then tell your puppy to stop the current obsession and give him the new toy. The ideal scenario would be for a Chihuahua to be raised by a mother dog. The mother-puppie bond is complex and highly developed, and is essential to the puppy's overall survival. If humans do have to handle your puppy, make sure it is under the care of a trained breeder or veterinarian. Another way to prevent your puppy from growling at unfamiliar objects is to socialize him as early as possible. Socialization should include people of all ages, including those with disabilities. When socializing your puppy, do not loom over him or stare into his eyes. Kneel down and sniff him to get a better idea of his behavior.

Greedy Chihuahua Dog Gets In Trouble For Trying To Steal Chicken From His Sister!
  • 02.08.2022
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Greedy Chihuahua Dog Gets In Trouble For Stealing Chicken From His Sister A Greedy Chihuahoa Dog is in trouble for stealing chicken from his sister. He was walking across the bridge when he saw a larger, more juicy bone. He decided to jump into the water and grab it. But he soon realized that he had only been looking at the reflection and not the real thing. To discourage such behavior, you can use a leash and "leave it" command. This way, your puppy will learn that it should only approach you if you give it permission. You can also give the dog a reward for dropping his "treasure" and not get angry or annoyed at him.

Stubborn Frenchie Hilariously Argues With Mom For 3 Hours Over Dinner
  • 30.07.2022
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Stubborn Frenchie Hilariously Argues With Mom For 3 Hours Over Dinner Stubborn Frenchies are adorable, but when one of them has a full-blown tantrum over dinner, they can really drive their parents crazy. This is exactly what happened to Cashew, a French Bulldog. He begs and barks nonstop until he gets what he wants for dinner. Unlike his sister, who is a little quieter but loves Cheerios and naps, Cashew isn't as loud, but he is just as demanding. The trickiest part of feeding a French Bulldog is not limiting its food intake. You don't want to spoil it by giving it too many snacks and treats. The average adult Frenchie needs 625 calories a day. Treats should be no more than 10% of their total diet. A Bob Evans turkey sausage link has approximately 120 calories. Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links have 174 calories, and Johnsonville's sausage links contain 160 calories. Food-induced gastrointestinal problems can also cause a Frenchie to lose appetite. While it's hard to pinpoint the exact cause of a dog's lack of appetite, there are hacks you can try that will get your Frenchie to eat again. Try mixing leftovers from previous meals with new food. You can also mix leftovers of their favorite foods into the new ones.

My French Bulldog Loves To Do This With Our Baby
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What Does My French Bulldog Love to Do With Our Baby? You may be wondering, "What Does My French Bulldog Love to Do with Our Baby?" If you're unsure, this adorable behaviour is common among dogs. In fact, a French Bulldog is known as a therapy dog, as it is renowned for reducing anxiety and depression. This is one reason why many French Bulldogs are often found visiting hospitals and schools. The act of cuddling a dog releases the hormone oxytocin, a hormone that calms the nervous system. This hormone is also known as the "love hormone." To prevent your French bulldog from rubbing against your baby, introduce your French bulldog to the baby first. Introduce your Frenchie to the baby's toys and allow him to sniff them. If your baby is younger than one year old, take your baby along for the first few weeks. Make sure your dog does not pounce on your baby. Instead, introduce him to the baby and let him sniff and play with the toys while you are out and about. Eventually, your baby will learn to respect a dog and will be fascinated with it. When interacting with a French bulldog, it is important to remember to supervise your child at all times. He is a gentle, affectionate dog that will be more affectionate with a child. French bulldogs are also great watchdogs. They will keep your child company and listen to him when he is crying or having a bad day. Their ability to be a great psychologist is an excellent trait to look for in a dog.

Bulldog Has Refined Taste And Interests Pets With Unique Personalities
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Bulldog Has Refined Taste And Interests Pets With Unique Personalities If you're looking for a pet with unique personality and refined taste, consider a Bulldog. Bulldogs are affectionate, playful, and patient with children. These dogs will guard your home and keep you safe. But don't be afraid of their negative traits, which can be remedied with positive reinforcement. The following are just a few of the most common negative traits of Bulldogs. Separation anxiety is common in Bulldogs, although not all dog breeds suffer from it. The condition occurs when a Bulldog's thighbone does not fit correctly into its hip joint. While most Bulldogs have shallow hip joints, this condition can develop in overweight dogs or those with excessive exercise during their rapid growth phase. If you suspect your Bulldog may have this problem, it's best to seek a second opinion from a veterinarian and consider other treatment options before undergoing surgery. As a result, the Bulldog has a unique personality. While his imposing nature might make him seem intimidating, he can be trained to change these traits. Although bulldogs are not necessarily aggressive towards other animals, they can become aggressive if their owners don't respect them. They can also develop stubbornness and laziness if they're treated harshly. The bulldog can be aggressive with strangers, particularly when they're close to their food. In the past, bulldogs were used to drive away cattle, so they can still display animosity towards horses and other animals. Often, bulldogs can be very possessive with their food, so you have to take care not to feed them too often. This is a common problem with bulldogs.

Watch This 135 Pound Dog Fall in Love with a Tiny Piglet
  • 06.07.2022
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Watch This 135 Pound Dog Fall in Love With a Tiny Piglet When a tiny piglet was born, a huge dog named George immediately fell in love with the pig. George, a 135-pound mastiff, thought the pig was a baby. The two soon bonded and Debbie started climbing on George and demanding love from anyone. It's incredible to watch the bond between the two grow! If you are interested in watching this heartwarming video, don't miss out! It's hard to imagine how much love a pig can feel for its owner, especially if the dog was unaware that he was falling for a tiny piglet! Luckily, the piglet wasn't around for all seven hundred and twelve pictures taken before they got the perfect shot. Cheerios were used to get the pig to stand still for the picture. Reed Bryant is the owner of the piggie. He regularly uses it to exercise, using it as a weight. When the pig fell from this height, it would most likely squeal and try to get out of Reed's grasp. The pig's legs, neck, and back could be broken if the pig fell from this height. Because of the risk of injury, Reed Bryant always makes sure to tuck in the pig's feet when handling it. The pet pig needs time and attention, so it's important to find a pig that will keep you company. Pigs are social animals and will always want to move up in the herd. They will be more likely to pick the weakest link, and that usually happens to be a human! And it's the child who's the weak link!

Bulldog Obsessed With Bowls Gets A Special Delivery
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The Bulldog Obsessed With Bowls Gets A Special Delivery The Bulldog Obsessed With Bowls gets a special delivery! A huge package of bowls has been delivered to Theo the bulldog. See how the dog reacts to the contents of the package! It is a must watch video for bulldog lovers everywhere! Hopefully you'll be inspired to give bowls to your dog! This funny video will keep you amused for hours! Andrew's Bulldog Theo loves to play with bowls, and he has a collection of 20 of them. His obsession with bowls has even led him to sleep with them at night. After receiving the box, he immediately jumped inside to play with the bowls. Andrew was excited to see how Theo reacted to his new toys, so he guided him toward the parcel. Theo immediately started sniffing around the box. A French Bulldog puppy can get up to mischief, but they're too cute to keep in the car. This enhanced bowl keeps your Bulldog occupied while eating in the vehicle. Your French Bulldog will love to enjoy the bowl with its special delivery. When you're traveling with your Bulldog, make sure to keep the bowl away from children and other pets, as this puppy can chew on its food.

Little Dog Given Months To Live Proves Everyone Wrong
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A Little Dog Given Months To Live Proves Everyone Wrong Monty the puppy was born with a horrible brain condition called hydrocephalus. It is caused by too much water in the brain and would require a shunt. Unfortunately, Monty's severe condition did not qualify for the surgery, and his parents decided to make every day special for him. Their choice paid off handsomely. In this touching story, you will learn how love is stronger than any disease or condition. When a dog is near death, it is often not obvious that it is suffering. This is because a dog's body has a "recharging effect" when it is close to death. It changes the body's chemistry and produces a mild euphoria. This effect is normal for dying animals and people, but it only occurs when a person is on the verge of death. A dog, on the other hand, may feel cold, begin breathing heavily, and start to gasp. It is the body's normal response to shutting down. When Pipsqueak was rescued from a puppy mill, she weighed less than two pounds. Her condition was so severe that many people thought she wouldn't make it past six months. Luckily, she blossomed in her new foster home. Her foster family had expected to keep her for a few months, but it turned out to be eight years. The foster family had no idea that their precious pup would live so long.

Watch This Sassy Cleft Palate Puppy Argue With His Mom
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Watch This Sassy Cleft Palate Puppy Argue With His Mom If you've ever wondered why a cleft puppy barks, it's probably because he has one. Elvis was born with a cleft palate and his vocal range resembles his namesake, from adorable chirps to a more assertive bark. Watch his mother try to distract him with play, but it's clear that Elvis has had enough. A cleft palate, also known as a harelip, is an opening in the roof of the mouth. It allows food or fluid to enter the nasal cavity, resulting in a variety of complications for pets. If a cleft palate is not discovered in an early enough stage, a newborn pup will either die of dehydration or aspirate fluid into the lungs. In either case, he's in danger of pneumonia. The surgery is often performed using sutures to close the opening between the dental cavity and the oral cavity. The healing process depends on the healing of the wound, and veterinarians must monitor it closely to ensure proper fusion of the mucosa over the palate. In addition to monitoring the healing process, veterinarians may prescribe antibiotics, depending on the severity of the cleft. In some cases, a puppy may require tube feeding for seven days. The veterinarian will discuss the next steps with you and your pet's medical condition.

What Sleeping With Two French Bulldogs With FUNNY Sleeping Habits Looks Like
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What Does Sleeping With Two French Bulldogs With Funny Sleeping Habits Look Like? What Does Sleeping With Two French Bulldogs With Funny Behaviors Look Like? You'll be surprised! French bulldogs are prone to sleeping with their eyes open. It used to be a defense mechanism against predators. But now, it seems that Frenchies are able to sleep with their eyes closed and with their eyes open. It's time to change that habit! A french bulldog's rapid breathing is related to the fact that they sleep for so long. They may have a shortened snout and limited airwaves. Other factors that influence their sleep habits include their heightened body temperature and unusual sitting posture. Because of these traits, French bulldogs may sleep for up to 18 hours a day, but their deep slumber is important to their health and development. Another common behavior is sleeping with the tongue out. Bulldogs with tongue out sleeping habits often appear happy. This sleeping pattern may be a result of an underbite or overbite. Either way, it's part of the charm of the breed. To see a French bulldog sleeping with its tongue out, simply search for videos on YouTube. You'll find thousands of videos. Another common sleeping habit shared by Frenchies is hanging their tongue out. Watch videos of this behavior on YouTube and you'll see plenty of hilarious examples of Frenchies. If your Frenchie hangs its tongue out while sleeping, your Frenchie may be suffering from hanging tongue syndrome. If you notice any changes in these symptoms, visit your vet as soon as possible.

French Bulldog's Adorable Reaction To Saddest Scene Inside Out Movie
  • 26.05.2022
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French Bulldog's Adorable Reaction To Saddest Scene Inside Out Movie The French bulldog's reaction to the saddest scene in the movie Inside Out is simply adorable. The dog's owners are stunned and impressed by his adorably sad face. The film's lead character, Stitch, is an alien genetic creation who stands around three feet tall and resembles a French bulldog or koala. While he has many human traits, his true alien origin is unknown. The blue dog has sharp teeth in his mouth, a long pink tongue, and a stumpy tail. Though his physical appearance is limited, he can retract his second set of arms, his antennae, and the spines on his back.

Bulldog Enjoys Lazy Day On Sofa
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Bulldog Enjoys Lazy Day On Sofa If you're looking for a loving and loyal companion, the Bulldog might be a great choice. They love children and are surprisingly heavy for their size, so picking them up may be difficult. In the house, Bulldogs tend to stay indoors, sleeping most of the day until it's time to eat. Although they're great with children, Bulldogs are not the type of dog to spend all day running around and chasing balls. Whether they are on the sofa with you or playing fetch with you, Bulldogs want the attention of their parents and will often seek a comfortable spot near the couch. Bulldogs have been known to lean on a parent's leg when unoccupied, but some have a larger bubble of their own and keep a little distance. In either case, they'll be looking up to you with happiness. Despite being a couch potato, Bulldogs require moderate exercise on a daily basis. In addition to their high activity level, Bulldogs have several health problems and require more expensive veterinary care than many dogs. Because of this, prospective owners should be aware of these risks and select a reputable breeder who offers a long-term commitment to health care. The Petco Foundation encourages pet owners to tell the story of their adopted pet. Despite the smooth coat of a Bulldog, proper grooming is essential for keeping your fur healthy. It is also important to regularly trim your Bulldog's nails. The nails should not be too long or too short. Long nails make it difficult for your dog to maintain proper footing and can end up being torn out. In addition, you should never cut the quick of a dog's nail; this can be painful and cause profuse bleeding.

Cute Bulldog Scared of Everything Loves Helicopter Rides
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Cute Bulldog Scared of Everything Loves Helicopter Rides This adorable bulldog is a bit scared of everything, but it is very easy to console him by giving him a helicopter ride. Bentley has irrational fears, including heights, so his parents are very patient with him. The bulldog feels safest when his dad is in the helicopter. Watch the video to see more adorable moments from Bentley's helicopter adventures! Bentley is so scared of the floor that he walks backwards in the room and shuffles his back legs like Michael Jackson moonwalking. His owner, who is a pilot, loves to take his dog up in the air with him. Bentley's irrational fear of floors made him the perfect companion for his piloting adventures. The pilot calls him his 'ultimate emotional support animal' and says that his pet is like his best friend. The Vancouver bulldog, named Mister Bentley, is known for his funny phobias, including helicopters. Foy wanted to share his adorable mug with her followers, but did not want to overwhelm her social media followers. Foy's husband Brad Friesen introduced him to the bulldog. The two have since become friends and shared pictures of their adventures together. If you have never seen a bulldog moonwalking, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.