Cute yorkie hates snow
  • 02.08.2022
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Guy Decides To Foster A Very Pregnant Pit Bull Who Needs A Home Now
  • 11.07.2022
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Guy Decides To Foster A Very Pregnant Pit Bull Who Needs A Home Now A story about a guy who decided to foster a very pregnant pit bull who needed a home now has gone viral. Storie was an incredibly pregnant pit bull who was being kept by irresponsible breeders. Because her owners had no money, they couldn't afford to keep her. Thankfully, he and his wife Mariesa stepped in and provided her with a loving home. A pit bull is a fiercely determined breed. It was bred for fighting, and they are remarkably aggressive and can seriously injure or kill other animals. Pit bull owners have to make sure their home is safe for their dogs or they risk them causing fights and other issues. The problem is that pit bulls have a bad reputation, and this explains why so many people are hesitant to adopt them. Luckily, Chris and Mariesa have had experience adopting pitties in the past. They have fostered many dogs, including a pit bull named Sophie. Their story is very moving and uplifting. Pit bulls can make a great family pet, but they're notoriously difficult to adopt. Chris and Mariesa have rescued and fostered several pitties in the past and have become an advocate for the breed. Axel has a very high chance of recovering. The dog's owner's paternal grandparents are looking for a home for her dog. The boy's mom is a vet, so she'll have to provide care for the puppies. He'll be the one to decide what the dog's fate will be, but his first priority is to find a loving home for the puppy.

Happy Pit Bull Dog Loves It When His Dad Babies Him
  • 05.07.2022
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Happy Pit Bull Terrier Dog Loves It When His Dad Babies Him A new viral video has captured the hearts of millions of people across the globe, showing a daddy pit bull meeting his newborn puppies. In the clip, Stephanie posted on her TikTok page, she captioned the video, "When everyone says to wait until four weeks, and I do, I let my Pit Bull meet his pups." She went on to explain that her pets are both blue nose pit bulls, named Blue and Kilo. Training your Pit Bull is essential if you want to avoid the negative consequences of bad behavior and aggression. While most pit bulls are relatively gentle with babies, supervised playtime is essential. Likewise, young dogs should be kept away from high-value items, such as electronics and jewelry. The best way to deal with a pit bull's fear of new objects is to supervise their chewing. While Pit Bulls are usually gentle and playful with children, some of them may have trouble playing with other dogs. It's best to limit their off-leash playtime to five to ten minutes and praise them for appropriate behavior. If you're worried that your Pit Bull is overstimulated by another dog, consider taking him to obedience classes or agility classes, which will teach him how to focus on you and provide positive reinforcement in the presence of other dogs. While pit bulls enjoy being with kids, they need to be taught to interact with new situations. Bringing a baby into an unfamiliar situation can cause the dog to become aggressive, so try to teach your pit bull how to handle these situations. Likewise, it's essential to teach your child how to interact with animals before letting him spend time with babies. If you're planning to bring your pit bull home, remember that the first few weeks of socialization are the most important in the dog's life.

Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop
  • 04.07.2022
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Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom! A Pit Bull mix named Maisy talks to her mom on a daily basis. Her mom, Marisa Elbert, is delighted to hear her sweet Pit Bull chattering away all the time! She comments on her pup's chattiness in her blog, and the rescuer is delighted, too! Watch her hilarious and adorable conversations with her mom below! The story begins at the shelter, where a 2 year-old girl pointing to a pit bull at the back of the shelter told the rescue workers that she had found the perfect pet for her family. After a year-long search, she was able to find the perfect match for her rescue pit bull, and the story goes on to tell the rest of the tale. She even decided to adopt Larry as a therapy dog!

Pittie Does The Sweetest Thing When His Baby Sister Cries
  • 01.07.2022
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The Pittie Does The Sweetest Thing When His Baby Sister Cries The Pittie Does The Sweetest Thing when His Baby Sister Cries, and I'm sure you have experienced the same thing. His affection for Liliana is truly unconditional, and he tries to comfort her by giving her head scratches. Kayla was amazed at how much they loved each other and how much Nova loves her. They even share kisses and cuddles, which made her cry! A video filmed by TikToker @roddy_rodd89 has gone viral, and OG and RedBone have proven time again that animals have feelings. Pitties have gone viral before - he even bonded with a family member's newborn daughter! Watch the adorable video below to see how they bond with their baby sister. This adorable video has become a keeper in the heart of every pit bull!

Pug's reaction after reuniting with her owner after 1 month of absence
  • 05.06.2022
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French Bulldog's Adorable Reaction To Saddest Scene Inside Out Movie The French bulldog's reaction to the saddest scene in the movie Inside Out is simply adorable. The dog's owners are stunned and impressed by his adorably sad face. The film's lead character, Stitch, is an alien genetic creation who stands around three feet tall and resembles a French bulldog or koala. While he has many human traits, his true alien origin is unknown. The blue dog has sharp teeth in his mouth, a long pink tongue, and a stumpy tail. Though his physical appearance is limited, he can retract his second set of arms, his antennae, and the spines on his back.

Golden Retriever loves his wife.
  • 03.06.2022
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A Golden Retriever Loves His Wife Have you ever heard of the expression "a golden retriever loves his wife? "? It sounds like a perfect relationship description for the adorably cuddly and loyal pet. Those who love golden retrievers will surely agree. This dog breed is so adorably sweet and loyal, it even inspired a new dating term among the TikTok generation. You can now find a "golden retriever boyfriend," and your life will be just as easy! You'll notice that your Golden will want to be around you all the time, which some people might label as clingy behavior. It's actually a sign of bonding, and not separation anxiety. Your Golden will follow you around, join you in the bathroom, and will do almost anything to stay in your sight. If you're not paying attention to him, he may be distracted by other people or objects, and won't want to do anything other than be with you. Mutual gaze is another sign of love. According to a Japanese study, mutual gaze increased oxytocin levels in dogs. They were able to detect a human's gaze, and they also responded positively to five different scents. The dogs' responses to humans were a little different than the results in wolves. While wolves don't engage in eye contact with humans very much, they are still resistant to the oxytocin effect. In fact, the dog may even run to his owner, either for protection or comfort. This behavior is unique to dogs and may explain how our dogs feel about each other.