Healthy weight starts with healthy habits

Healthy weight starts with healthy habits

A healthy weight is key to your dog's overall health and well-being. Here are four simple ways to maintain that healthy weight and keep your dog in shape.

Healthy weight is not just measured on the scale
Weighing him is not the only way to check if your dog is overweight. You can find out if your dog is at a healthy weight by asking your veterinarian how to use the Body Condition Score.

Health depends on activity
Activity is key to keeping your dog alert, active and at a healthy weight. The amount of exercise varies with age, weight, and race.

A healthy serving is smaller than you think
Many pet owners think that their dog needs more food than it actually needs. This means that most dogs are overfed. This can cause weight gain and lead to other health problems.

Healthy growth lasts a lifetime
First of all, losing weight is more difficult than preventing weight gain, so it's important to establish healthy behaviors and habits from day one.