All About Raising a German Shepherd Dog

All About Raising a German Shepherd Dog

Noble and obedient, German Shepherds need certain conditions to be met in order to develop properly. Their diet and education are key factors for their development; but besides that, living with a family will help them not to be aggressive.

German Shepherds are one of the most valued dog breeds, not only as working dogs but also as pets . Their gentle personalities and obedience, among other traits, make people eager to breed German Shepherds . If you are also interested in the idea of ​​raising a German Shepherd, you can use the useful tips we have written for you below.

Rules and Principles for Feeding a German Shepherd Dog

  • Do not buy puppies for breeding . Most people scramble to get two German Shepherd puppies to breed later. However, this could be a mistake; because puppies may have some physical defects that go unnoticed and they can pass these defects on to their next generation . It is best to have two certified purebred adult dogs.
  • In fact , certification is one of the most important factors to consider. Because this certificate will determine whether the personality of the dog is typical. By typical personality we mean that the dog is brave, stubborn, daring, intelligent and loyal.
  • Although greed can lead to massive breeding , it's still not a good idea, especially for German Shepherd Dogs. These dogs need to live in a peaceful and open area due to their personality and character traits. Otherwise, these dogs can become even more aggressive .
  • It would be a good idea to seek advice from someone who has dealt with German Shepherds before. When a person is just entering the world of dog breeding, they are likely to repeat common mistakes made. They can make mistakes more easily, especially when they do not allow experts in this field to guide them. One of the best ways to be successful is to follow our tips. However, listening to a veterinarian or other feeders will also help.
  • Purebred dogs will give you the chance to breed pedigree dogs. However, even if you have certified dogs, the third and fourth generations from these dogs will likely not be 100 percent German Shepherds or will have defects that they can pass on to the next generation.
  • Diet is very important for puppies to develop great character traits. Genetics is the most important factor in raising purebred German Shepherds; however, subsequent dog care plays a key role.
  • A bad environment in dog breeding can sabotage everything else. Dogs need to run and be free so that they can develop their intelligence, courage and other abilities. Putting dogs in a cage can make them sick or make them weak and insecure dogs.
  • Remember that the quality of dogs is not measured by their physical appearance alone. However, their physical appearance has the following importance; This is the first thing that might interest prospective dog owners in the future. But a dog's worth will be determined by measuring its abilities and character traits. These features will be those that have been strengthened by previous generations.
What Should You Consider To Raise a German Shepherd Dog?
German Shepherds are animals that stand out for their nobility and obedience . But that doesn't mean there aren't other things to consider when it comes to training these animals. Because German Shepherds are large dogs, they will need certain rules that you must teach them gradually from a young age. 
Socialize your dog
A German Shepherd Dog  's feeling of belonging to a group ; which we're talking about a family here, it's very important. These dogs need to feel the attention of other people and animals. If this does not happen, then these animals become aggressive.

Positive Reinforcement
Although German Shepherds are noble animals, they know that they are powerful dogs and can abuse their power if left unchecked. This is exactly why you need to teach them from the very beginning who is the responsible person. When you're with people or other dogs, it's important that you don't let them feel more dominant.
Be Careful About Food
Although German Shepherds are physically strong and healthy dogs, they are  sensitive stomachs . That's why we need to be extremely careful about their food . Good quality dog ​​food and controlling calorie intake are essential for good dog growth. German Shepherds are one of the best animals you can have as a pet. As you can see, you only need to follow the simple tips we give you to breed them properly.